the online community of your team


the online community of your team


The Ultimate Goal Platform

TeamHub is the company with the platform that can support you with the sales increase, motivation and engagement of the team members.

Instant communication / smart communication.

Save time and share experiences. Stay connected, stay informed.

Gamification / team synergy / bridging teams.

Recognition, meaningful, motivation, action, results, fun, rewarding, celebrating achievements.

Induction, smooth onboarding / easy

fast, userfriendly, relevant information, simple, cost reduction, time saving.

Bring your community online

Support, sharing, fun, experience.

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Themes, user friendly, customizable, responsive, secure.

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Some Cool Facts about TeamHub









TeamUp Gamification platform supports you in the development of chosen behaviour for your team members. You can count on us for the performance increase of your team.TeamHub developed the gamification platform where players enter and experiment a world where what “I have to do” becomes what “I want to do”.TeamHub experience helps the players to integrate and put in practice effective behaviour in a fun atmosphere.



    TeamHub is also a communication platform for companies. A world where employees can get to know each other better, can share experiences, best practices and interact as they need. This is the place for you to be able to reach the employees much easier, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. When your company employees want a fast communication in a friendly manner, TeamHub is the place to do it. The company can send important messages for everyone to see, can publish procedures, can request feedback on different matters by creating a poll. You can create discussion groups on different subjects and projects and you can work in an easier fashion.



    TeamIntro is the place where new comers can read materials, can interact with each other and with other team members. This makes the integration much easier with minimum effort. TeamIntro can help you ease the Induction process. The new team member will enter a world where he/she can read about the company`s values, can answer questions and pass challenges. All these will help integrate the information in an active and fun way with little to no other resource needed. You can upload documents, presentations, pictures, procedures, links that can offer key information the new comer needs for a fast and smooth on boarding.



      TeamHub is the ideal place to bring your online community together in one, secure and private place. Here you can share materials and start discussions of any subject relevant to your community. Do you have a business with a lot of followers? Bring them together in one online, cool place and start sharing experiences.

        TeamHub - a fun way to communicate and bring comunities together.#teamhub #gamification #teamup #teamintro #community

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